Missouri Salvage Yards

Vehicle repairs and restorations have just become a lot easier with replacement parts searches that begin at MISSOURISALVAGEYARDS.COM. How many times have you driven all over Missouri looking for a particular part and spent a lot of time looking when you could have been working on that project vehicle instead? This website directory of salvage yards in the state of Missouri has compiled a full list of state salvage yards that will make your vehicle parts searches a whole lot easier.

By using MISSOURISALVAGEYARDS.COM to find parts you can save hours of time and find the part you want quickly with just a couple clicks of your mouse on our website. We have listed all the salvage yards by city so you can start with those closest to you. Find the yard that has your part by using our computerized inventory tools or our “get the best price” bid tool. With the bid tool you can ask all the salvage yards if they have a special part and they will then submit bids to you so you can choose the best price and the most convenient location. The parts lists are organized by model year and by model make. Look up the part description for what is needed and you will see a list of salvage yards that have the part in stock. It’s one stop shopping at your own computer!

The old junk yard days are numbered. Today’s modern junk yard has moved up in the world to offer you fast service, easy retrieval of parts and indoor weather safe storage facilities. You can ask over the telephone if the part they have is stored indoors or still on a vehicle waiting to be pulled. Many salvage operations go ahead and pull common parts so they are indoors and protected while awaiting buyers.

Salvage vehicles are a great source for replacement parts. Many salvage vehicles and their parts are like new and ready to be used. Why pay dealership prices for new factory parts when the salvage yard has almost new parts for a lot less cash? Missouri residents can now access this complete directory of salvage yards and parts inventory online through this website directory service.

MISSOURISALVAGEYARDS.COM lists salvage yards in Missouri and neighboring areas so you never have to go too far for parts. Find yards in Saint Louis, Kansas City or Springfield and other smaller towns in Missouri. Simply make a call to the yard nearest to you that has your part and go get it. If the yard is too distant just order the part shipped.

Use normal procedures when calling your salvage yard to ask about parts. Have your correct model, make and year information ready to provide, ask about their return policy and if you are after a major part like an engine or a transmission replacement ask if there is an available Car Fax report. Use our MISSOURIASALVAGEYARDS.COM directory services to find repair and replacement parts fast and at great price discounts.